Typical Food





    The traditional Muslim food is composed by different cultures: Andalusí, African, Middle East....
    It has its own rules (never written) which have a social, cultural and religious sense.
    The plate has to be big, adorned or decorated in relation with the colors of the food.
    The Moroccans food has some rituals related with the social or religious event.

            The main Muslim dishes are:
1-    Pastas: Ferik: corn with chicken, macaronis with yoghourt and lentils.
2-    Omelets: with vegetables, tomatoes, shakshuka.
3-    Meets: Mechoui (lamb).
4-    Couscous: made of meet, flour and vegetables. Should be eaten with the hands.
5-    Soups: chicken soup, fish soup with onions, lentils soups.

6-    Fish and seafood, meats, etc.
7-    Drinks:  mainly different types of Tea



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