It is very important into the Islamic culture. It is transmitted orally.
    The Muslims believe that cats are evil creatures when the sunset comes. They are usually in public places, such as market, old town, etc.    
    This is the reason why they use amulets and they practice black magic.

    The islam gives special treatment to some animals,  they don't use them for work, these animals are used for pleasure of the pagans gods. It is believed that these superstitions were invented by Amer, Bin Lujai. The Arabs thought that these pagan gods or idols, would drive them to Ala. The Koran says : “We just serve them in order to get closer to Ala”.

    There are other important traditions such as the prophesies: They used to through arrows to choose the right woman, travel, etc. They believe the predictions of the fortune tellers, astronomers, etc. The symbolism is also quite important among the arabs; some days, months, or even animals are considered as bad luck.






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