Islam is a monotheism religion based in the Koran. The Koran is the heart and soul of the Islam: Muslims believe that this book is the wisdom of God given to the humanity through the prophet Muhammad. They believe that the Koran is the forever and no created word of God given to Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel. It is thought that the Koran has been written by God, not by the prophet, this is the reason why this book is inimitable and infallible. The word of Koran means in Arab: the lecture (al-qur’an) or the recite. It contents the revelations of Ala to Muhammad through the twenty years of the live of Muhammad (612-632). This is divided in 114 chapters with 6200 verses. It is commonly accepted that it has keep a high grade of consistency through the history.

    The five basic pillar of the Islam:

    Islam has five basic elements which are the essence of the Muslim life:

bullet    Faith testimony: The most important of them, it is called “Shahadah”: There is no other god but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet. Easy formula that must be said with conviction to be introduced to the Muslim world.
bullet    Prayer:  It can be done nearly everywhere, and it must be done five times: sunrise, midday, afternoon, sunset and night time.
bullet   Helping the poorest (Zakat): they must help people who are really poor, it must be something tangible. Zakat means purification or improvement.
bullet    Fasting: It must be done through the month of Ramadan; all Muslims do it from the sunrise to the sunset. They can not eat, drink or have sexual relations. Although it is thought that the fasting is quite healthy, Muslims do it because they believe it is a way of spiritual purification.
bullet    Peregrination to the Mecca: (Hayy) It is compulsory once in the life of any Muslim (Just for those who have financial and physical resources to do it).

The Islam is the official religion (98.7%), However it coexist with other religions:
Catholic (1.1%)
Jews (0.2%).

The Moroccan’s constitution ensures this coexistence.






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