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    LEGAL SYSTEM:   Islamic law

    The Islamic law (Sharia) define the community moral objectives. The term Right in Islam has a wider significance than it has in the occidental space; it held moral and legal imperatives. This is the reason why not all the Islamic laws can be taken as legal or imposed by the law courts. It depends on the moral sense.

    The Sharia is considered as the Allah's law, it was revealed to the prophet Mohammed by Allah. This law is related to the norms fixed for the individuals in the Islam community.

    Since mid of XIX century, the authorities had news from the occidental legal systems and they tried to have similar ones. The ottomans authorities fixed a new legal system (Madhab-1876) which tried to make easier the law processes. This was the first step through all the Islamic systems introduced new ways which were compatibles with the traditional law.

    The traditional law (sharia) has had more influence with the law related to the family. However, it is thought that the Sharia will have a great influence over the evolution of the justice in those countries with a large Muslim ideology.

    On the other hand, there is no reason why the Muslim states should not elaborate progressive legal systems based in general rules compatible with the Sharia, because this has had a general characteristic which has been the pluralism, flexibility and the interest for the continuity of the Madhab. It is necessary to make an interpretation of the concepts and structures of the traditional laws, so this will be completely efficient in modern life.




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