The Islamic geography is usually located in the North of Africa, Middle East, Indonesia (expect India, where it is a great minority, more than 110 millions of Muslims), Central Asia, South of Asia, some of the Pacific isles and the Indian Ocean. The Islam is also spread in other countries, such as Balkans, south and center of Russia, (Chechnya, Dagestan and Tatars tan), Occidental Africa and Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, with large numbers of immigrants from Maghreb and Turkey), Caribbean Isles, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.

    The Islam has suffered a big expansion due to the petrol-monarchies from the Persian Gulf.



Asia .-
(from Middle East
until Indonesia)

1.    Relations between Muslims and Christians are not easy, just where Christians are native and have the same language and culture as Muslims.

2.    Christians living in Islamic countries, two reasons:
bullet Faith testimony.
bulletPromoting social works, working in hospitals, schools, etc.

Afghanistan , Bahrain , Brunei , Indonesia
, Iran , Kuwait , Malaysia , Oman , Palestine ,
 Syria , Yemen , Arabia Saudi , Bangladesh ,
 Emirates Arabs, Iraq , Jordanian , Libyan , Maldives , Pakistan , Qatar , Turkey

Central Asia. -   old Soviet Republic.

Pacific Islam, influenced by the Sufi mysticisms.

Kazajstan , Tajikistan , Uzbekistan , Kirijistan , Turkmenistan.



There are different countries where live together Muslims and Christians. The relations vary from one state to another; there are pacific and violent areas. The latest is found in countries where the Islam has been taken as the official religion, and the Sharia as the main justice system.
Algeria, Chad , Eritrea , Libya, Mali , Mauritania, Nigeria , Somalia , Tunes , Burkina Faso , Egypt , Guinea , Malawi , Morocco , Niger , Senegal , Sudan .




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