There are two different calendars for the Muslim people:

bullet    The civil parties are ruled by the Gregorian calendar, where weekends are the days off. Friday is not considered a day off, however it is the day when the morocco people pray, so administration and public services enlarge the midday break and it let these people to have time to go to the mesquites.

bullet    The religious parties are ruled by the moon calendar (hegira). Although it has twelve months, it is shorter than the sun calendar. It can be said that the hegira, or moon calendar, is thirteen days shorter than the solar calendar. This is the reason why these festivals vary every year.

The Muslims’ calendar start the 16th of July of 622, day in which Muhammad left the Mecca to settle in Medina.

RELIGIOUS (all dates are variable)

1-    Middle January

3-    Middle of May MOHAREM: first day of the hegira.When Muslims' year start.
4-    Middle of July MULUD: Birthday of the Prophet.


1-    Engage day: weddings are very important for this culture. The Hands and legs of the bridge are decorated for this special occasion.  
2-    Birthday:  The most important day for a Moroccan family. The seventh day after the birth, the baby is baptisms.
3-     Circumcision: Religion and tradition force to every male to be circumcised, it is a imperious ruled to be Muslim.
4-    Peregrination to the Mecca.
5-    The death: Usual to have meals and to give food to the poor. The funeral takes three days. It is forbidden to cook in the house of the person who has died.  Everybody must be buried looking to the Mecca.           

1-    1st of January: New Year.
2-    11th of January: Independence day.
3-    1st of May:  Day of the workers. Same around the world.
4-    23 of May: Sidi Mohamed’s Day.




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