The guidelines for using the material

For understanding the material we finally produced one has to bear in mind
that we tried to take into account the experiences and the needs of an
immigrant and foresee the needs he/she might have.

In order that our material is effective we chose to use material of everyday
life and use easily accessible to everyone and always encountered by
everyone and the reasons why we only described the activities and we did not
the material that it should be used are:

  a.. Each didactic unit may be used by different countries each of which
has different material (application forms, tickets, receipts, catalogues
So each teacher has to find the up to date actual material of his/her
  b.. The material we proposed must be up to date so the teacher must find
the material at the time of teaching
  c.. We did not include pictures or optical material because we believe
that the main purpose of teaching adults must be the development of a strong
ability to understand through parallelisms and description of the subject in
question, something that would tremendously and immensely increase his/her
communicative abilities and inner sense of the language
  d.. We did not include the phonetics, because this material is going to be
used for the teaching of any European language, which means that it is the
teacher's task to teach the phonetics of the language he/she teaches.

The process that should be followed is:

  a.. the deconstruction of the information and the material
  b.. the reconstruction of new knowledge
  c.. personal involvement in the culture
  d.. acquisition of the skills needed in the new environment (critical and
flexible acquisition of knowledge which will permit a full and successful



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