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LOCATION: Poland is situated in the centre of the European continent.


LANGUAGE: The Polish language like the Czech, the Slovakian and the Sorbian belongs to the western Slav linguistic group. It has several dialects which accord to the old division of Poland.

RELIGION: Catholicism.

COIN: Zloty

POPULATION: Poland had 38.064.00 inhabitants in 1990. The area that Poland occupies is 312.683 sq km.

HISTORY: The written history of Poland starts in the 10th century, when different hegemonies were united and became Christian. Poland was united with Lithuania and constituted one of the most powerful states of the Eastern Europe. During the period of Renaissance displayed important artistic and cultural flourishing and followed the principles of religious reform. During the 16th century the domination of polish Lithuanian state was very extended and included big parts of Leukorussia and Ukraine. From 1772 until 1918 Poland suffered successive partitions imposed by Russia, Prussia, Austria and Germany. These partitions were the beginning of hard struggles for the independence of the country. The newly-established state of 1918 faced huge difficulties until the German attack of 1939 and the parallel Russian incorporation of its east provinces was in belligerent state with its neighbours who coveted its parts. After the 2nd world war, Poland annexed the former German territories east of the river Odder and Naisse except for the region of Cainixberg, which incorporated to the Soviet Union and its own east territories, which were incorporated to the Soviet Union as well. After the political and economic changes, which took place in all the states of eastern Europe, Poland had to confront the challenges of the new age.

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